You Need To Watch This Mean Girls Deleted Scene

There's nothing a betch loves more than iced coffee, Insta, getting presents, and quoting Mean Girls, so this deleted scene is like a second Christmas. It was originally supposed to be during the dance scene before Cady wins Spring Fling Queen and features a heart to heart between Cady and Regina in the girl's bathroom, because no where else on earth can make a betch kind, complimentary, and overly enthusiastic about vacation plans like a girl's bathroom. Cady apologizes about the whole bus situation to which Regina perfectly replies, “Stop making this about you” aka your inner monologue during sorority meetings. Regina forgives Cady, and her cool mom makes an honorary appearance to keep us young. The whole thing is only a minute long, but it's still better than the entire Mean Girls 2 movie.


The real deleted scene we need to see is when Ms. Norbury and Principal Duvall hook up.


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