You Need to Listen to Sophia Grace’s New Song

Sophia Grace – this super betchy 11 year old that Ellen Degeneres may have adopted – just released a new music video, and it’s actually kind of good. By that I mean it’s better than Selena Gomez’s latest.


The song is a combination of Hannah Montana and Fergie (and Jesus). Just saying, if Juicy J rapped a single verse, this would be a pregame anthem. It’s sort of like a G rated version of Beyonce’s 7/11. Sophia Grace is auto-tuned within an inch of her life, like maybe more than T-Pain in Buy U A Drank.

Normally, Sophia Grace pairs up with her prettier cousin Rosie, but she decided to get rid of her for this song – smart move. Think about how much more successful Blair Waldorf could have been if Serena hadn’t been around. Sure they’re best friends and blah blah blah, but Rosie is the gorgeous one, and Sophia Grace is the one with talent and the good personality – that is a recipe for friendship disaster. Instead of setting herself up for awkward competition with Rosie, she eliminated her – apparently the world of 11 year olds’ music videos is pretty political.

The whole concept for the music video is that Sophia Grace is having a sleepover with her betches, they go shopping, and put on makeup. Some of the fashion choices are questionable – it’s 2015 why the fuck is she wearing a peplum dress?? They also go to K-Mart (to purchase the Jaclyn Smith collection) which is kind of gross. But she also introduces her friends to contouring at age 11, so she kind of salvages the evening.

So Sophia Grace just dropped the hottest music video of 2015, your move Taylor Swift.


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