You NEED To Hear The Bitch I’m Madonna/Bad Blood Remix NOW

Unless you’ve been living without WiFi for the past month, you’re very familiar with Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna” music videos, like very very maybe way too familiar. They’re both filled with random cameos from Tay and Madonna’s celebrity friends, but everyone in Madonna’s video did a line of cocaine right before filming and everyone in Taylor’s video thought about carbs before filming. Anyways, someone decided to make a mashup of the two songs, to make Bitch I’m Bad Blood, the most important song of the century.

Seriously, the two queens of pop, enough celebrities for an awards show, Diplo, and millions of dollars – what else could you ask for? This song is absolutely everything you could want: it’s perfect for spin class, driving, and the pregame. If only this mashup had been in Pitch Perfect 2, the world would be a perfect place.



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