You Don’t Have ADD; Everyone Is Just Boring, Study Finds

You know how you sometimes get the feeling that if people were more interesting you wouldn’t have such a short attention span? Well, you’re right. A new study in Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that if you’re easily distracted, it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, but because the subject matter isn’t interesting enough.

Since betches are naturally more interesting and better than everyone else, this makes it hard to find things that are engaging enough to keep our interest. When we were younger, we were told that ADD was caused by us needing to learn to focus, not other people having to work harder to entertain us. But this new study disproves that you get more distracted as things get harder to pay attention to. So anytime you found yourself not being able to focus and a teacher told you it was because there was something wrong with you, they were wrong.

In fact, the study proves that the harder something gets, the more likely you’ll stay focused on it. This means that the world is just not challenging enough most of the time, which is why we get bored. So the real reason we don’t want to do work is not because work is hard, but because work is boring. Sorry bout it.


Researchers basically hypothesized that the “ability to avoid being distracted is not driven primarily by the difficulty of the task, but is likely the result of an individual’s level of engagement with the endeavor.”   They called this the “engagement theory of distractibility.” We kind of like that it’s called that, because next time you yawn mid convo, you can just say “sorry, engagement theory”. Like, engage us, for fuck’s sake.

Anyways, we’re sure it works for relationships too. If we’re distracted, it’s not because we have commitment issues. It’s because you’re not engaging. Get interesting or GTFO.

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