You Can Put SoulCycle Classes On Your Wedding Registry

If you’re a strong independent woman who thinks you don’t need to get married to be happy, you might want to think again. Everyone knows there’s nothing more boring than picking out china for your wedding registry, but now you can add SoulCycle classes to the list. So if you had your eye on some designer espresso machine, you might want to reconsider and stock up on spin classes. I mean, what better way to get skinny for your wedding anyway?

The wedding registry site called Zola came up with the brilliant idea after surveying 900 engaged couples and discovering that 70 percent of them increase their fitness routine leading up to their wedding. Plus, 25 percent of the couples actually admitted to shedding for the wedding together. What a cute sweaty mess.

Through Zola, you can buy your engaged friends either a 20-pack or 30-pack of SoulCycle classes, and let’s be real, that’s a sick gift. We all know SoulCycle classes add up real quick, and like, it’s one of the important things in life. So bridal betches, skip the Swarovski crystal salad tongs and the Vera Wang plates, and book your fucking bike.  



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