Another Day, Another Divorced, Broke Celeb—Yolanda Foster

Poor Yolanda, first she has kids that have been outdoing her since birth, then she gets divorced, then she marries a guy poorer than the first guy and now she is broke because she is divorcing the second guy. Life truly is tough out there in Beverly Hills.

But it has been confirmed, Yolanda Foster is broke right now while she is in divorce proceedings with David Foster. She is currently hiding out in David’s West LA condo, where we can assume she will not be starting another fridge insta account because according to Jezebel, it is much less “luxurious” than their Malibu home.  Poor Yolanda, she was just doing what betches do, NGAF and bam she’s broke.

However, you have to wonder, why don’t any of her 3 very successful model children help their poor mom out? I mean you’d think Gigi would want to throw Yolanda some cash just so Kris Jenner doesn’t force her into a role on the inevitable “Kris and Corey take Middle Age.”


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