Yearbook Signing: Throwback Thursday

Close your eyes for a moment as we travel back in time to your 8th grade graduation, a time to celebrate mediocrity and look forward to the joys and pains of high school. Hey, maybe this will be the summer your mom lets you get your belly pierced. But before you can GTFO for the summer, you should probably leave one final lasting impression on your peers via your yearbook inscription.

Remember the rule for betches-in-training: We don’t ask people to sign our yearbook, they ask us to sign theirs.

Even though your picture was probably on like every page of that stupid book, many a weirdo wanted you to leave them a personal message to make them feel special or something. If you DGAF about someone, you can bet your ass they were getting a simple “HAGS!” followed by your name. If they were super pathetic, someone might even confess their undying love for you on one of the inside pages. Lol. Loser.

To your friend group, on the other hand, yearbook inscriptions could take some time. You needed at least a day to figure out how to encapsulate the meaningfulness of your relationship while also including as many inside jokes as possible. That could be stressful business. The pages of your yearbook probably also doubled as your own personal burn book by the end of the summer complete with crossed-out faces of ex-boyfriends and a mustache drawn on your biggest frenemy.

The actual best part of signing yearbooks was the chance your crush would write thier phone number and “We should hang out more!”. This basically would give you permission to prank call their land-line at all your sleepovers all summer.

Your old yearbooks are like little time capsules, filled with home phone numbers, your first boyfriend's attempt at a romantic inscription, and the best friends you haven't talked to in years. Ah, the memories.

Stay in touch, HAGS!!!!! 

The Betches.


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