Don’t Flash Your Junk In Your Yearbook Photo Like This Jackass

Looking back on my horrible time in high school, beyond the awkward sexual tension and Proactiv, I distinctly remember an extreme shortage of pictures of male penises in my yearbook.

So kudos to Hunter Osborn, a 19-year-old high school student in Arizona, who tried to correct that wrong by showing his dong to the world. A teammate dared Osborn to flash just the tip during the yearbook football picture. Obvi Osborn complied.

No one caught on to his little prank—not the photographer, yearbook staff, or publisher, so the Red Mountain High School yearbook was posted with Osborn’s penis proudly on display. And thanks to America’s wonderful justice system, Osborn was then booked for 69 counts of indecent exposure to every person in the photo with him, and one felony charge. Oh, and the yearbook was going to reprint 3,400 copies with an edit over Osborn’s genitalia.

Thank god someone realized this story was fucking insane. Osborn’s teammates refused to press charges, and the charges were dropped.

Here’s some common sense, American justice system. Next time, make him pay to reprint the yearbook. Or give him a slap on the dick/wrist. Maybe give him some community service time. But life in prison is a little aggressive. Save it for the actual sex offenders who you seem to LOVE to let walk. God, this country sucks sometimes.


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