WTF Is Going On With Alleged Murderer Robert Durst?

In January, HBO aired the first episode of ‘The Jinx,’ a documentary series about New York real estate mogul / murderer Robert Durst. Who is Robert Durst? He is one of four children of real estate investor Seymour Durst – think a few billion dollars.

Back in the 1982, Durst’s wife Kathie disappeared while the two were spending the weekend at their lake house. Why was this creepy? Aside from the missing person – their marital trouble, the forced abortion, his physical abuse, the seclusion and his lies to law enforcement. Unfortunately, New York police were unable to charge him because a body was never found. Murder 1.

It was widely thought that Durst did murder his wife and confided in his best friend Susan Berman. When the case was re-opened in 2000, Susan got shot in the head, execution style. Why was this murder creepy? She willingly let in whoever shot her. The police were about to interrogate her about Kathie’s disappearance. Durst happened to be in California at the time. Oh, and there was a note alerting the police to her death in what is thought to be Durst’s handwriting. Murder 2.

After all this hullabaloo, Durst did what any sane man would do – he fled to Texas as a mute-deaf woman. That went decently well until the body his neighbor, Morris Black, was found dismembered in Galveston Bay. Murder 3. Durst ran from police, but got caught at a Wegman’s trying to steal a sandwich despite the fact that he had hundreds of dollars in cash on him. I hope it was worth it, the wrap must have been gluten free or some shit. He then went to trial for Morris Black’s murder and somehow got acquitted on a bogus self defense claim.

In 2013, the people at HBO decided to turn this into a documentary and went about it like prosecutors – uncovering new evidence and interviewing Durst about everything that happened. He agreed to it because he thought it might help clear his name. Not really.

With new evidence from the series, Durst was arrested in Texas on March 14th for the murder of Susan Berman. The next day, the finale of the six-part series aired, in which Robert Durst, on mic, in the bathroom, says: “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.” 

So, that’s what's been going on with all the news about Robert Durst – multimillionaire turned serial killer. You're welcome. 


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