WTF Is Frill Clothing?

There are some betches out there who would literally get their monogram on their forehead. The obsession with putting your initials on anything and everything is almost as bad as people trying to get their lips to look like Kylie Jenner's. Sometimes we don’t know which one is worse.

Those who fall into the first category are obsessed with this website called Frill Clothing. Frill is basically a sorority girl’s dream store filled with monogrammed everything and letters in any fucking print they could dream of.

It’s another one of these websites where girls go to college, take an entrepreneurship class, and then decide to start a website that targets betches who love buying shit online with their dad’s credit card. It’s actually a master business plan because you know you’ll always have a market to sell to.

There’s also a bridal section for your bridesmaids because so many sorority girls are thinking they’re sister BFFs will also be their bridesmaids…once again marketing genius, but like who gets married in their early 20s anymore?

The website’s big selling point are these skirts that come in any style, color, length you could imagine. These aren’t the slutty skirts you used to wear to parties your freshman year in college, but actually pretty cute looks for brunch with your parents when you desperately need to convince them that you have your life together.

Frill isn’t for you if bows make you vomit and the only pastel piece of clothing you own is some sundress your bestie convinced you to buy because it made you look tan.

If you are, however, looking for something that makes you look like a princess of the South (for events that require you look put together/have your shit together), then start brainstorming shit you could monogram because Frill makes it seem like the possibilities are endless when you like bright colors and talking about your future wedding.


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