WTF Is Going On With Twitter?

So I haven’t really been on Twitter since 2013, but apparently it’s still a huge deal for middle schoolers and middle aged journalists. It’s always organized Tweets chronologically, starting with the most recent, which basically meant you had to check it every 10 minutes or risk major FOMO by missing out on an inside joke.

Well the new plan is to let people “opt-in” to a service that lets Twitter organize Tweets by the “most relevant.” Idk what the fuck that means, but it’s probably either number of likes (RIP favorites) and retweets or hashtags that your interests indicate you’ll like. People freaked the fuck out, mostly because they realized nobody will see their shitty Tweets anymore.

IDGAF because my friends made the Insta transition years ago and I’m fine just waiting for Buzzfeed to write an article about all the good Tweets I missed.


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