Game Of Thrones Fan Does The Most To Try To Get A Sneak Peek Of Season 6

Normally we leave it to the nerds to be fans of dragons and princesses, but we’ll admit that Game of Thrones is a show that everyone can get on board with. I mean, it’s full of queen betches fighting for power and not GAF. But a hardcore fan went so far as to request a screener from President Obama to try and watch the new season using some law called FOIA.

FOIA is not, as the name might suggest, a second grader’s tennis league—it stands for the Freedom of Information Act, which is a rule we have as a country where you can basically get access to federal documents as long as you put it in writing and like it’s not currently going to give us away in war or something. So a writer at Refinery29 submitted a FOIA request to get access to the president’s private advanced screeners because technically they are “documents” in the government’s possession.

Def reminds us of the kid that didn’t just have her dog eat her homework, but like, brought in the dog to prove it to the teacher. Too much work for a simple task. But we have to hand it to the person for getting creative with her (or his?) methods. Just think of the things we’d accomplish in the name of watching our favorite shows. No wonder certain totalitarian military governments don’t let their citizens watch American TV. They might FOIA their way to freedom, god forbid, or in this case, Game of Thrones spoilers.


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