The 3 Worst People to Watch TV With

Although we tend to go through phases, betches have always loved watching TV. Unlike our Juicy Couture sweatsuits, Backstreet Boys CD’s, and Tiffany charm bracelets, our love for TV isn’t a phase. Betches are more dependent on their favorite shows than on their bottled water, and no, we’re not just talking about Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelorette.

But as much as we savor our TiVo alone time, we also like to watch with friends. We like to think of sharing our love of TV with friends like the relationship between Kim Kardashian and her selfies. It’s obviously self-obsession, but nonetheless she’s open to sharing her obsession with the rest of the world. Betches can be so generous.

However, you have to keep in mind that by inviting friends over and watching new episodes in a group setting, there will always be those girls who are just THE WORST. Let’s go through three main types of girls that we just can’t watch TV with.

1. The one who won’t shut up

She’s opinionated, she’s annoying, and she’s only three glasses of wine into the episode. Whether she’s a fan of the show or not, this girl seems to have something to say about everything and everyone on screen. This isn’t The Hills after show—we don’t care about your opinion on every character’s haircut, or whether or not you think the main character is on the same Aderall diet as you. Watching TV with this girl can be entertaining at times, but if you actually care about the show you’re watching, you’d probably prefer to watch it without the side commentary. Like, we love you for your weekly supply of snacks and gossip, but you can’t watch with us.

2. The one who is completely lost

This is the girl who showed up late because she lost her keys and/or wallet, and you immediately regret inviting her over. She’s obviously not a fan of the show considering she’s asking non-stop questions five minutes into the episode. Oh my god since when are they together? Wait what happened with her dad last episode? Can you remind me how last season ended? This category also includes the girl who spends the entire episode spaced out on her phone and then says she didn’t get anything. Obviously you didn’t understand it. How can you expect to multitask if you can’t even remember more than three of the characters’ names?  

3. The one who takes shit too seriously

Okay, we get it. You watch the show every week and have already thought through every possible theory. This is the girl who sits there with her eyes glued to the screen, telling everyone to shut up. She’ll probably re-watch the episode three more times this week and she would never answer a text until the show’s over. Don’t even bother asking her a question unless it’s during a commercial break, and even then, you might not have her full attention. This girl is definitely the one who shushes everyone else and then feels the need to yell “I called it” after every scene. Go home.


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