Worst New Beauty Trend: Rainbow Eyebrows

Like every other twenty-something, I love a good trend. Nail art, ombre hair, high-low dresses, they all had their time. But sometimes things are just too much and turn out to be wack as fuck. Granny hair, the dad bod, and now “colorful” eyebrow dye jobs should never be.

If you follow any beauty boards on Pinterest, then you may have seen this insane trend pop up over the past few weeks. Crazy bitches are literally dying their eyebrows all the colors of the rainbow. I have 2 questions for anyone who is currently partaking in this trend. 1) How much does acid cost? (Because you are clearly on something stronger than vodka soda.) 2) Why are you trying to look Ke$ha’s stripper sister? (And what’s worse is that I’m referring to Ke$ha a la 2009.)

So please lets just all agree to nip this “trend” in the bud and move onto something else, like a juice cleanse that incorporates alcohol.


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