Worst New Hashtag, #BurritoSelfie

We have a love hate relationship with the world of hashtags. Sometimes we are so on board—#Yass , some get ruined by the basics—#Blessed, and some we never want anything to do with ever—#BurritoSelfie. Yes, there are people out there taking and posting selfies of themselves with their burritos.

Yes we all drunk eat burritos, but I can safely say that no betch has ever insta’d a pic of her with her Chipotle. Snapchat, maybe, insta never. So take this as a word of caution, not all trends are worth following, i.e. naming your kids after the Valencia filter. Look, it is still acceptable to drunk binge on burritos, just don’t post any evidence.

You do not want to be one of these burrito people.



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