A Breakdown Of The Fugliest Looks At The Oscars

We’re happy that Leo finally locked down an Oscar, but let’s not forget the real reason we tuned into the Oscars last night: to see beautiful celebrities fuck up their outfits. Let’s dive in cause it’s time to fire some stylists!

Heidi, this is like really really fucking bad. It looks like she was styled by Club Libby Lu. I hope organza burns easily because this hideous dress needs to go up in flames. Sorry Heidi, you’re out. Auf Wiedersehen.

Cate Blanchett looks like Cinderella killed all her bird friends and stuck them on a dress. 

Staying in theme with the Disney Princess look, Alicia channeled Belle. For a fashion risk-taker, this Louis Vuitton gown is very blah. Well, she won the Oscar, so at least she has that left. 

Who wore it better?

???? Is that a clown squirt flower that sprays water at people? Is that red piping on his suit? Fuck no. 

Is that Martin Short’s character from The Santa Clause 3? Did Snow Miser and Heat Miser from The Year Without A Santa have a love-child? More importantly, who even is that?

Wtf Kate Winslet looks like a literal trash bag. This is the Oscars, not a fucking fraternity ABC mixer, get it together!

Everyone knows not everyone’s a winner, but these worst dressed celebs really lost this awards show. Better luck next year!


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