Fuck Yes, Women Officially Are Better Doctors Than Men

Further proof that girls rule and boys are fucking idiots: According to a recent study, women make better doctors than men. This is some life-and-death shit here—apparently, if male doctors would quit creeping on their patients and start doing their jobs as well as women, they could save 32,000 more lives a year. Instead, lady doctors are out there running the world while dudes dick around in the background, because what else is new?

This finding comes from a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. When researchers looked at four years of Medicare data and 1.5 million hospital visits, they found that across the board, patients who had been treated by female doctors were less likely to kick the bucket or be readmitted over the course of the next month.


If you managed not to sleep through Psych 101, you might remember that correlation doesn’t mean causation; in other words, finding a link between gender and patient care doesn’t necessarily mean gender caused the difference in care. But scientists are smart, at least according to all the Criminal Minds I’ve watched, so they took a bunch of steps to rule out other possibilities. The conclusion? Researchers wrote in the study that “female internists appear to have better outcomes for inpatient care than their male peers,” so there you fucking have it.

Girl Power

Prior research has shown that betch doctors treat their patients differently than bros do. Male doctors are more likely to break clinical guidelines, and they prescribe less medication for their female patients. (Doctors: They’re sexist just like everyone else!) People also tend to be more satisfied with female doctors, possibly because they communicate differently, aka better, than their male peers.

But here’s the shitty part. As the Washington Post pointed out, a different study published this year found a $20,000 wage gap between male and female physicians. So even after a bajillion years of school, earning a fucking medical degree, and getting puked on regularly at work (as opposed to in a bar bathroom like everyone else), lady doctors don’t get equal pay.


All of this basically confirms what we and Beyoncé have been saying all along, which is that betches run the world. And none for the fuckboys, bye.


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