This Idiot Tinted Her Eyebrows While Awaiting Her Own C-Section

In the midst of giving birth, a woman decided that it would be a chill idea to tint her eyebrows. Yeah, you read that right. Mollie (an apparent makeup artist and “blogger” lol of course) tended to her brows while awaiting a C-section—aka motherhood—aka the imminent end of her life.

Because everyone knows you can’t give birth looking like shit. It’s not like your body is doing the impossible and producing A MIRACULOUS LITTLE HUMAN, so get it together. Beauty is pain. So is the ability to create life. 

Mollie posted a vid of her getting them tinted to her instagram, saying sweetly/illogically “I’m gonna have nice, dark eyebrows ready for my photo with baby.”

I’m screaming. 


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