Some Lady’s Fitbit Told Her She was Pregnant

Don’t freak out, but I guess your Fitbit can tell if you’re pregnant or not now. Apparently, some lady in New York noticed some suspicious data on hers recently. She kept seeing really high resting heart rates, like over 110, when a normal resting heart rate for an adult should be below 100.

So when she asked her husband about it, he figured the Fitbit must be broken. So he did what anyone under the age of 60 does these days, he asked the Internet for an explanation.

A few gracious Reddit folks came to their rescue and suggested that, hey maybe she’s not just stressed out but maybe she’s about to get majorly knocked up. Shortly after reading that she took a pregnancy test and surprise surprise, the good folks on Reddit were right! Thanks Internet! So lets just all agree to start constantly checking our Fitbits to make sure we are still in the all clear.



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