Female Soldiers Can Fight in Combat Now, GI Jane is Super Amped

In a huge win for feminism, women can now serve in any combat position in the US Army. So pull out your army pants and flip flops, because women can now be full-fledged soldiers. The US Secretary of Defense said that “our force of the future must continue to benefit from the best America has to offer. This includes women.” So he’s definitely getting laid tonight.

There’s been a movement to include women in all areas of the military for the past couple of years. The Pentagon ended the ban on women serving in combat in 2013, women are now graduating from the US Army Ranger School, and Secretary of the Navy bitched out the Marines for publishing a misleading study that reported “mix-gendered combat units aren’t as effective as all-male units.”

Can Disney Channel make a sequel to Cadet Kelly reflecting this change plz??


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