Party Foul Alert: A Girl Fell Off A Cruise Ship

In a situation that could only be described as our worst tropical nightmare, a woman literally fell off a cruise ship and died. Samantha Broberg was on a four-day cruise from Texas to Mexico (sounds cheap if you ask us), and was sitting on a deck railing when she fell backwards and into the water. The Coast Guard looked for her for a few days, but considering she fell from the 10th deck, it was pretty much a lost cause.

The whole thing happened at 2am, so it seems likely that Samantha was following in the footsteps of her Sex and The City name-twin and had a little too much fun at the tiki bar. PSA ladies: probably not the best idea to get sloshed and then sit facing backwards on the fucking railing of the ship.

Of course, this is really sad and no one should ever die on vacation, but you have to use your common sense. There’s an FBI investigation being launched into whether there was foul play, but like honestly she just fell off the side of the ship. Like pretty sure the bartender wasn’t conspiring to get her fucked up so she would sink in the damn ocean.

Tl;dr: If you’re going on a cruise this summer, get as drunk as you want. Just stay away from the fucking railing.


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