Kanye and Wiz Khalifa Are Currently Engaged in a Ridiculous Twitter Feud

It all started when Wiz tweeted this, which TBH I’m sorry I’m very white, I don’t know what it means but apparently it’s something using the letters KK that is NOT referring to Kim Kardashian (aka how you respond to every single one of your mom’s texts).

Kanye, being the megalomaniac that he is interpreted this as Wiz talking shit about his wife Kim Kardashian and proceeded to flip out. 

And Wiz responded, clarifying that his tweet was not about Kim because SHOCKING, not everything is about Kanye:

Kanye then proceeded to flip the fuck out, firing off no less than 25 tweets insulting everything from Wiz’s baby to his fashion sense (HOW DARE YOU!) and trying to bully Wiz who obviously doesn’t give a shit about him and has more important things to do, like enjoy his new song that he created to remix Adele’s Hello and roll blunts. 

Go home Kanye, you’re drunk and everyone hates you. 


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