Listen To Wiz Khalifa Remix Adele’s ‘Hello’

Wiz Khalifa got really high and went on the radio – tbh that sums up his entire career. But this time he was asked if he could “write to anything,” which means if he hears a melody can he freestyle to match it. As a professional musician, this seems like a pretty reasonable goal.

He decided to title this poetry “Hella Os”

Roll one up and let’s get high
I am trying to get fried
I bought some weed and you can smoke
You tryna get high i’m trying toke
Hit this weed but don’t you choke

I got a grinder, I got a bong
I’ve got some weed, so let’s make a song
I got some munchies, we all get along

I smoke weed ain’t nothing wrong
My money good and my money long
My bitch bad and my kush strong


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