A Betch’s Guide to SPF in the Winter

Just because the sun isn’t beating down on you so hard that you actually feel like you’re about to melt, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be protecting yourself from UV rays. Those things are fucking harmful and will take you from 2008 Lindsay Lohan to 2012 Lindsay Lohan, real quick. Real fucking quick. Sunscreen is still waaaayy important when it’s frigid AF out there. Trust.

^^ WARNING: USE SPF, ALWAYS. (Also, relax on the meth.)

SPF Numbers: Debunked

You might be all like “Omg, but like, what number do I get? There’s like, so many! I was never good at math!” Here’s the basic breakdown: The higher your SPF number, the higher % of UV rays you are blocking. So, if you’re a white girl with freckles and burn super easily, you’re going to need a higher SPF than your half Greek BFF. Got it? As for a general rule of thumb — SPF 30, or bust. Don’t fuck around with anything under 30. (Unless he’s hot, lol…) Anyway, seriously. You should be wearing SPF 30 or higher when you get your morning coffee, walk your shitty dog, or do whatever the hell it is you do outside. Even if it’s only for 5 minutes. IDGAF. 

Product Recs: Buy These 

If you have oily skin you want something really lightweight like 3Lab SPF 50+. It’s oil free so it absorbs fast, doesn’t break you out, and has high SPF. Win mothafucking win.

If you have dry skin, opt for Jose Maran’s Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 because it moisturizers while it protects you, and it’s loaded with a shit ton of antioxidants. Swear.

If you’re lazy AF (me) and want a two-in-one coverage/SPF scenario, get a tinted sunscreen, such as EltaMD’s UV Physical SPF 41. If you don’t have pretty skin (sorry for your loss) and need foundation, just make sure to layer your SPF under it. Wait like 5 minutes in between applying though, duh!

God bless you, you ageless fools! Your 40 year old selves are thanking you, right now. 



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