Study Proves Wine Tastes Better With Cheese, Fucking Duh

It’s amazing. Science basically just validated what we’ve always known—wine and cheese are the betch’s version of peanut butter and jelly, but wine and cheese are even more perfect together.

The Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior in France recently published a study that determined cheese improves the taste of literally all varieties of wine. And the head betch in charge of the research certified that “the duration of the perception of astringency of a certain wine could be reduced after having cheese and the four evaluated cheeses had the same effect. In short, when having a plate of assorted cheese, the wine will probably taste better no matter which they choose.”


So any kind of wine, plus any kind of cheese, makes a fucking orgasm in your mouth. According to science.

The research study sounds betchy AF. Wine addicts (where was I?) had to taste test multiple bottles of wine, rate that wine, and then drink the same wine with a cheese accompaniment. Not shockingly, the ratings of each of the wines improved with the taste of the cheese.

The scientific reason for this obvious phenomenon is that the cheese and wine have “complementary compositions,” and cheese basically coats the tongue in fat before sipping the astringent wine. But that’s just scientific jargon for “wine and cheese are the most perfect couple in the existence of history.”

Thanks, science. Love you.

love ya


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