Bars Are Changing Wine Glass Sizes So You Drink More

Your bartender might be playing mind games with you when you order wine.

Well, bartenders play many mind games, but specifically, they put your wine in bigger glasses so you drink more. Some nerds at University of Cambridge did a study where they asked bartenders to pour the same amount of wine into different sizes of glasses to see if people would order more. Apparently they confirmed what we all know, which is that size does matter. But if you get drunk enough it’s all the same (probably).

The bigger the wine glass, the more you’re likely to order, because you think you’re drinking less. This explains why fancy places have bigger wine glasses and the “all you can drink” sushi restaurants pour to the top of a tiny wine glass. They probably want you to drink less and think you’re drinking more.

Wine bars are probably the only place we end up paying for our own drinks since they’re sanctioned girl’s night arenas, so maybe think about how much you’re ordering before you go for your 5th glass. Though honestly the glass size probably only half accounts for us wanting more wine. So on second thought, keep drinking, it’s whatever.




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