Why A Club W Subscription Is This Holiday Season’s Survival Kit

It’s that time of year again: the leaves have started to fall, it’s acceptable to wear Uggs in public (kind of), and your summer fling has long since been forgotten. These things are important warning signs that the holidays are coming up sooner than you think. The holidays can be super stressful, but luckily we have a secret that will make everything better this year: Club W. Club W is a subscription wine service which magically ensures that you will never have to abandon your rigorous schedule of Netflix, chill, and repeat, which is why you need it like, yesterday.

Family Gatherings Are The Worst

Especially if you don’t see your family very often, it’s easy to forget how tiring family gatherings can be. Not only are they asking you where your nonexistent boyfriend is, but there will undoubtedly be an argument at the dinner table, and there’s a definite chance your great uncle will go on a sexist rant about Hillary. You can’t just say that women are too emotional to run the country Uncle Barry!! Luckily with Club W, you can have a bottle of Pinot waiting to drown out the reality that certain members of your family are like, so embarrassing.

Other People Give Terrible Gifts, So Treat Yourself

Your Aunt Carol definitely means well, but you really don’t need a fugly découpage lampshade. With Club W, you know you’re getting exactly what you want. Once you fill out your taste profile, you’ll get personalized recommendations, which basically guarantees that you’re going to love whatever you choose. Also it’s wine, so if you don’t like it, at least if you drink enough of it you’ll be too drunk to care.

You Like Impressing People

Whether you want to admit it, the holidays are about competition. Club W wants to make sure you know how to talk about your wine. For every bottle they send you, you get an information card that gives you a description of the wine, along with suggestions for how to serve it and where it comes from. Your friend Rachel might have gone to Napa on her honeymoon, but she probably can’t tell you exactly what her wine smells like. You, on the other hand, will sound like you actually paid attention in your abroad wine class by being able to identify the woody smell of oak barrels and like, tannins and shit. 

Winter Is Cold

In the words of Jon Snow, winter is coming, and you need to be prepared. Everyone loves staying in and drinking wine. Next time you decide to stay in, don’t worry about making a trip to the liquor store, just crack open your Club W package and pour it up.

It’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A wine delivery service is much like world peace, in that everybody really wants it. If you need to get some last minute gifts and you really don’t want to spend hours at the mall fending off middle school girls and As Seen On TV salesmen, hit up Club W. Chances are the person will actually like their gift, and you can take care of it all without leaving your bed.

It Is So Easy.

We’ve tried it, and Club W is the real deal. The shipping is fast, the bottles are cute, and the wine is delicious. If you give yourself the gift of Club W this holiday season, 2016 will definitely be looking like a brighter (but blurrier) year.

We’re giving all of you lucky betches a bottle on the house.

Get Started Here: Club W.



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