Clinging Desperately To Relevance, Wilmer Valderrama Joins Grey’s Anatomy

So Grey’s Anatomy has sucked since Shonda Rhimes started killing everybody in Season 5—seriously, since George died it’s been a slippery slope. I won’t list all of our dearly departed, because we’d be here for a really fucking long time. But Meredith Grey—single mother of three, assault victim, and all-around the most abused fictional character of all time—is apparently getting a new love interest, because one season is enough time to grieve for McDreamy.

ABC, in its infinite wisdom, decided to cast Fez from That 70’s Show to play this new bf, and I’m calling bullshit. Mr. Demi Lovato aka Wilmer Valderrama played the token foreign betch, whose greatest accomplishment was finally hooking up with Mila Kunis. I’m not in love with this crossover, mostly because Fez’s catchphrase was “I said good day,” but also because it’s way too fucking soon.


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