Will Ferrell Is Making An Uber Movie, Presumably About Your Life

Uber is pretty much our lifeline; we use it to get back from the club at 3am, to get to work because it’s already 10am, or to sneak out of work to go shopping at 2pm. Uber is the best.

So it only makes sense that Hollywood will be making a movie about Uber, and that it will be a comedy. I mean seriously, how many times have we all used a hilarious Uber story to fill the silence at our awkward lunch tables at work? Am I right? I feel like this movie is going to a hit already.

I guess there are actually 2 separate movies in the works right now. Did Uber just make it to LA or something? Like, why haven’t they done this before?

Both stories are going to follow the typical comedy format: normal person, i.e. an Uber driver, is just going about their day, ferrying rude drunk people around, per usual, and then BAM. All of a sudden someone exciting gets into the car and all kinds of shenanigans take place for the next 2 hours.

One of the movies will reportedly star Will Ferrell as the Uber driver, and he’ll also be producing it along with Adam McKay, so you already know we’ll be quoting this movie from the time it comes out until our deaths. The other one will reportedly be produced by John Franics Daley (the Horrible Bosses guy) and Jonathan M. Goldstein (no, not your dentist), so it’s pretty much no contest, and we all know which Uber movie we’ll be making our bfs spend $15 for us to go see.

I can only hope that in preparation for this role, somewhere out there, Will Ferrel is driving for Uber.


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