Why Every Betch Should Meditate

The pace of technology is literally making it harder for your brain to ever actually shut off. Like, you don’t want to get FOMO so you keep your phone on you at all times, but phone numbers are given out like first names now, and sometimes you just want to be unreachable by everyone except a few.

Obviously you’re not about to throw your phone away or shut down your social media, but you’ll feel a lot better if you meditate every once in a while. Meditating isn’t just Buddha shit, though he was pretty dope considering he’s been made into millions of little golden statues, but it’s about being mindful. When you start meditating, you’re like working out your mind in a good way. It’s the same rush of calm you feel after you finish yoga or take molly for the first time—scientifically speaking there’s probably some stuff about endorphins, but we’re not scientists.

In college you had study drugs to help you focus on your shit, but in real life there’s just too much going on that you can’t be on addy just to do your taxes. Meditating technically is like listening to your breathing and being in the present moment. Basically, it’s like what being on drugs is like, except it’s a little better for you.

Basically every celebrity meditates because the more you are winning at life, the more stuff happens all the time and you need to tune shit out. Like Katy Perry said, “Life sometimes can get very difficult and chaotic, and you have to give yourself a break, you have to give yourself a moment to revive, unplug, rejuvenate… and Transcendental Meditation does that for me.” I mean as hippie as that shit sounds, if you’re going to be on the top all the time, you have to keep clearing your mind for new stuff to come in.

If the idea of like breathing and sitting for twenty minutes a day sounds boring to you, you can also use apps to guide your meditation. Because technology even has a solution for running away from technology. Apps like Calm and Headspace are quick and easy to use. Or just like listen to NPR and soothe yourself back to chill mode.


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