Why You Should Go Out Without Your Phone (Sometimes)

Not having a phone when you’re alone is probably one of the circles of hell. But when you’re out with a group of friends, having a phone can totally kill your vibe. It sounds like a horror movie to be out in the wild without our phones, but here’s why you should try leaving your phone at home when you go out with friends.

When you bring your phone out, if you’re not already with the people you want to hang out with, you’re probably texting someone else and constantly checking social media. So obvs this only works if you’re hanging out with your besties. But if you and your besties decide to go out together, you don’t need to text anyone outside the group. As betches, you’re always the hottest group of girls in the room and def the most interesting, so everyone out with you is automatically more interesting than anything on your phone. Basically, the term FOMO was created because someone saw a picture of you and your friends.

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Speaking of pictures, if you and your friends all decide to leave your phones at home, you would have more reason to talk to people while you’re out. Like if you desperately need to take a picture, you can recruit a worthy candidate to take one and send to you. If he’s a cute bro then it’s also a sly way to give him your number. If it’s a chill betch, who knows? Maybe she can sit with you. You don’t need Bumble BFF when you have a personality, duh.

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Everyone you know expects you to always have your phone on you because you usually do, which means that if you’re texting with a bro, you’ll seem unavailable and therefore more interesting. Like, you might tell yourself you won’t text your casual hookup tonight, but once you’ve had a few Moscow Mules in you, your inbox will beg to differ. And if you’re in a relationship, just tell him you’re going out without your phone and he’ll realize how much he misses being able to text you at any given minute. You won’t even have to use airplane mode to curb your texting anxiety.

Plus, if you leave the house without a phone, you literally can’t lose or break it. I mean, you could still black out and lose your dignity, but at least you won’t have to use your Applecare. Much like not sleeping with bros, you can’t always go out without your phone because that would be crazy. But when you do, you (probably) won’t regret it and you’ll definitely have a story to tell.

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