Why You Should Always Apologize

At some point in your life, you’ve probably owed someone an apology. It could have been because you caused physical harm to someone, like that time you betch-slapped your best friend because she made fun of your bra size. Or it could have been a time that you insulted someone for their fugly clothing choice.

Regardless of why you owed someone an apology, you may have felt the unyielding need to gag and/or physically vomit. Maybe apologizing isn’t your thing. Maybe an apology wasn’t warranted. Whatever the case, we’re here to tell you that you should always apologize (even if you weren’t in the wrong!).

Here’s why.

1. Saying sorry like, makes you a better person. Simply uttering the words “I’m sorry” turn you into this all-powerful and holy being capable of cleansing the world from sin. People you don’t even know will start admiring you for your humility. And you know there’s nothing betches care about more than being humble and like, a good person.

2. You’ll get closer to the person you apologize to. Who doesn’t love a second chance? Apologizing opens up a world of opportunity for you and a person you may have formerly hated. You might even say it helps you branch out. How great is that? 

3. A huge weight will be lifted off of your shoulders. No one likes carrying around the burden of guilt. Choking down all of that emotion has to be cancerous. What better way to cleanse yourself from the inside out than apologizing to everyone you have ever offended?

4. Apologizing restores your self worth. Not even all the designer clothing in the world can do that! You may think you’re comfortable with yourself, but deep down you’re harboring guilt, and that’s holding you back from becoming who you really are.

So, think of everyone you have ever offended and make a list. Then, start apologizing, betches—OMG, sorry, ladies! 


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