Why We Love Pretending To Love Country Music

What is it about the summer that makes us want to drink in jorts and cowboy boots? Is it the heat? The strain of a part-time internship and no responsibility? We’re not sure, but it’s pretty undeniable. Now that June has rolled around, it’s time to address the somewhat unexpected relationship between betches and country concerts.

Once a year, betches, hicks, and everyone in between come together to scream COUNTRY MUST BE COUNTRY WIDE!! as if we give three fucks about country music or how wide-spread it is. Maybe it’s the opportunity to dress up like Daisy Duke that appeals to us. Maybe it’s the inexplicable allure of Luke Bryan, despite his concerning and age-inappropriate surplus of Spring Break albums. Either way, a betch rarely misses the opportunity to pretend to care about whichever country singer is rolling through with the biggest tour. 

There are some cold hard classic summer shows, think Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. Those guys make the rounds pretty much ever year. Then there are the trendier ones like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton and they're cool too. The best option is the combo platter with everyone at festivals, but legitimate fans show up for those too, which isn’t ideal. There’s nothing worse than getting the stink eye from a forty something solo Kenny Chesney fan trying to hear the bald man sing ‘The Good Stuff.’

So this season, go out proud and keep pretending you know the lyrics to that one song you heard on the radio that one time. The highway don’t care!!!!!! or is it it’s a quarter after one and I’m a little drunk and I need you now?!?!?! Who knows. Sing it anyway.


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