Why You Need To Subscribe To Monthly Gift Like, Yesterday

Turn your period from the worst week of the month to the best with Monthly Gift, a new subscription box that will leave you wishing for the first time that your period came more than just once a month.

What is Monthly Gift? Well, Monthly Gift is, quite literally, a box for your box. Every month, subscribers receive a discreet little black box filled with feminine products and, more importantly, sweet treats to get you through your most bloated, crampy days. These boxes are timed perfectly with Aunt Flo so you have everything you need just in time for her to arrive.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I legit never know when my period is coming so how will a box?” Never fear! Monthly Gift comes with an easy-to-use app that tracks your cycle and sends the box just in the nick of time. Technology is like, so legit sometimes.

And if you’re looking for another reason to feel good about yourself this month (besides the obvious stuff like being hot and funny and cool), Monthly Gift has partnered with Days For Girls so that every box purchased in the month of March will be matched with a sister box sent to girls in need of quality feminine care all over the world. Because honestly, periods suck everywhere and every girl deserves to be pampered.

Monthly Box is built for women by women so you know it’s filled with high quality, awesome products (unlike when you send your boyfriend on an emergency tampon/chocolate run and he comes back with Depends and a Twix). Plus every box is customizable to your flow so whether you crave salty or sweet, are a crier or a cramper, Monthly Gift will be filled with the exact right products to get you through your personal Shark Week.

So wtf are you waiting for?!? Subscribe to Monthly Gift today and take care of your period and the period of a girl in need. It’s like, not that hard.


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