Why Meghan Trainor is The Worst

It's been a few months since Meghan Trainor first made our ears bleed with All About That Bass, and things haven't improved much. Her second song, Lips are Movin', was just as annoying, and then she offended us all by wearing a fucking brown dress at the Grammys. Seriously, brown is not a color that belongs on a fucking red carpet. Bad outfits aside, Meghan Trainor is just obnoxious as fuck.

One main reason might be her general appearance. Before you post dumb hate comments, I'm not talking about her weight even a little bit. I'm all for the body image empowerment, but there are other things that I take issue with. It seems like poor Meghan has no idea if she really wants to go for that retro thing that Ariana Grande already did in 2012, so her whole aesthetic is just kind of half-assed. Her hair is sad, her outfits are uninspiring at best, and the two songs we know by her are both kind of a mess if you listen closely. She's not the worst at anything, but together all the mediocrity starts to overwhelm any positives.

On top of all her other issues, Meghan has yet to find a niche for herself. We already have Beyoncé doing the feminist thing, Taylor tells the embarrassing but cute stories, and Rihanna is the one who doesn't give a fuck.  Meghan Trainor tries to be all of these things, but she doesn't do any of them as well as her more-established counterparts. 

We'll stick around to see what Meghan Trainor does next, but if it's anything like what we've already seen, we have a feeling that she won't be around for long. People can change, but we're pretty hard to please.




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