Why Does Leo DiCaprio Look So Bad Lately?

Has Leo lost it? Following up his sexy Coachella dance routine, Leonardo DiCaprio was recently spotted in Miami and has let himself go and is sporting some new fat rolls. And what’s with the beard dude? Are you trying to be casted for the new series of Duck Dynasty? So not hot. There is definitely a reason he isn’t frolicking the beach with a new model conquest. Our gossip girl betch Blake Lively is definitely thinking she dodged that bullet. Leonardo probably got too confident after being voted our Bro of the Year. We get it Leo, it’s an honor, but you have to keep up your looks. I bet Rose definitely would have let go and drowned rather than be stuck on a plank of wood with fat Leo. Either that or he would have sunk it and they both would have drowned. At least he’s got his woolly mammoth beard to keep them both warm.


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