Why Blake Lively And Kate Middleton Are Weirdly Similar To Serena And Blair

Blake Lively and Kate Middleton have changed the pregnancy game. At first, it looked like the next 7 months were going to be the battle of “who wore her fetus better.” But after Blake wore an insanely hot Gucci dress and Kate wore a classic Alexander McQueen coat dress and fascinator, the competition ended and world dominance began.

Kate Middleton is like the real world version of Blair Waldorf, minus the bullshit Louis plot line. That would make a Blake-Kate friendship the equivalent of the Serena-Blair partnership. Gossip Girl is coming to life!! I bet Josh Schwartz is behind this somehow. Apparently, Prince William and Kate are planning a trip to New York City, and if there is any God in this world Kate and Blake will meet on the steps of the Met. Take a look at these Blair-Kate comparisons if you're not convinced.


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