Why Betches Hate Compliments

When you compliment a betch, you’ll notice we rarely accept them at face value. We’ll either deny your compliment or return with another compliment to cancel out the first. Why do betches hate compliments? Simple, because they don’t fucking matter.

Accepting compliments means you care what other people think of you. To a certain extent, everyone cares about this. But betches are a special case, because we’re in the center of attention quite a lot, we have an equal share of admirers as we do haters. While it may seem harmless to a bro to say something like, “You’re the prettiest girl in this room”, we also know not to take lines like this seriously.  Only nice girls would blush to hear something like this. Betches know better than to accept a compliment, because the only thing differentiating a compliment from an insult is somebody else’s mood. Case in point, a bro at a bar might call you the prettiest girl in the room, but tell him you have a boyfriend and all of a sudden you’re a bitch. There’s no need for us to put our well-being in the hands of some stranger’s will to be nice. We can manage our own confidence, thank you very much.

The simple truth is, we already know what we like about ourselves. To get excited over someone else recognizing your best traits is giving them power to affect your state of happiness and we don’t need a stranger on a train calling us pretty to give us an ego boost, because we already have it.

Obvs we’re not about to deny a nice compliment for the sake of being mean. If someone compliments a betch in a genuine way, we’ll say something like, “that’s nice of you to say” or “you’re a sweet person”, which lets them know we appreciate their sentiment but no thanks, we don’t accept their compliment as fact.

As betches, we’re in a tricky position when it comes to getting complimented.  If we deny it, people think we’re fishing for more. If we accept it, people think we’re self-centered. So it’s best to deflect the compliment completely, by bringing attention back to the person who gave it. This is why betches often return compliments with another compliment, rather than thanking the person for it.

At the end of the day, we like to be in control. Accepting a compliment is giving the control to somebody else. While we hate taking compliments, we love giving them for that same reason. We know we have the power to make somebody feel good by telling them their shirt looks nice, and we’re happy to do so, when we feel like it. You may be tempted to compliment a betch in your life because you’re a nice person, but don’t do it. If you really want to make a betch feel appreciated, just let her borrow your phone charger. She’ll know what you mean.


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