Who’s Betchier: Kendall or Kylie?

Everyone’s favorite Kardashian/Jenners are in the news like every day now, and it really makes me miss when they were 11-year-old brats. We all thought they were twins for the first few years, but now they’re grown up (sort of) and making their own names for themselves (again, sort of).  Here we take a very scientific approach to which Jenner sis is the betchiest.


Kylie tries super hard to be edgy–I don’t think she’s doing heroin (yet), but that’s pretty much the look she’s going for. Just think of that JAB you know who will literally leaves the house looking like a hobo but never forgets her Céline bag.

Kendall doesn’t mess around when it comes to her ~profession~.  Ken basically wears head to toe designer threads 24/7; none of Kylie’s flannel bullshit.

Kendall wins this one, hands down.


They’re both dumb, so just pick whichever one you think is hotter.

Probably Kendall.




Just like her older sisters, Kylie usually goes for black guys.  More specifically, rappers.

Kendall is too busy being a supermodel to think about bros, but when she does, she goes for Harry Styles and other boy band randos (#typical)

Points for Kylie.


You already know about Kendall.  She just got done walking in every major show at fashion week, and she looked amazing the whole fucking time.  As long as she can milk her modeling career for a few more years, she’ll def be fine.

Kylie’s only 17, but in the Kardashian family you’re expected to make your own money from about age 4 (I’m looking at you, Mason and Penelope). Last month, Kylie announced her own line of hair extensions (because of course) called Kylie Hair Kouture.  Nice try.

The Winner

Kendall, obviously.

Well, that was predictable. Kylie has a couple years to catch up, but right now Kendall is obviously the HJIC (Head Jenner in Charge).  Sorry, Bruce.


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