Whoopi Goldberg’s NYFW Shoes Might Convince You to Let Yourself Go

We’ve seen hundreds of gorgeous models sporting chic outfits during NYFW, but we haven’t seen anyone quite so self-satisfied as Whoopi Goldberg wearing her cat clogs. Yesterday Whoopi sat front row at Gypsy Sport in these monstrosities, which are a somehow worse iteration of Crocs in bright red with cartoon pattern. They are a literal crime against fashion and humanity as a whole, but Whoopi looks so unbelievably pleased that I have to admire it.

Honestly, have you ever been prouder of anything than Whoopi is of this outfit? She looks like she just got proposed to, by the shoes most likely. It’s oddly inspiring and I’m now convinced they might be the key to happiness. Should we all just let ourselves go and order clogs?

The answer is no, I’d still rather be Kendall Jenner. But I did think about it for a second.


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