Who Wore It Better: Kylie vs. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner posted the most offensive photo of all time to Instagram – a who whore it better of her and Kylie in the same bathing suit. Sorry if you just threw up at your desk.

Kylie borrowed one of Kris' bathing suits from the 80's, and Kris wanted everyone to know. She's kind of like when a sophomore goes out with a senior, and she thinks its a bfd and nobody else gives a shit. It's a really fucking high cut (the girls on Baywatch are jealous) pink one piece that Kylie stole from Kris. Throwback to that episode of KUWTK when Kris put a lock on her closet door, lol.



Their two looks are the definition of the different kinds of sorority girls. Kris' fedora, sun glasses, and Delia's catalogue pose make her look like the chair of the community service committee, an IR major, and a girl who definitely has an Anthropologie wedding registry made – don't worry she's assured her #sisters that the bridesmaid dresses are super flattering. Kylie's cornrows and green nail polish make her the girl who always bitches about the recruitment tank tops but never volunteers to redesign them, she's also hooked up with a guy in every academic building on campus and took a photography class to perfect her nude photos.

You know something has gone terribly wrong when a mother is the Charlotte and her daughter is the Samantha.


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