Who the Fuck is Hugo Chavez?

So yesterday Twitter was blowing up saying that some bro named Hugo Chavez died. Obvi since we #2 don't keep up with the news we were like, who the fuck is that? So we had our interns do some preliminary research into the heart and soul of the Venezuelan government (so random) and this is the most interesting shit we could find about the former Pres of Venezuela. 

Hugo looks amaze in red.

Monochrome or DIE (RIP)


He seems like a fan of tequila shots.

He's doesn't really seem that betchy. As you can see here he's def not #5 skinny and doesn't appear to be #163 cold.


He's like, besties with Sean Penn.


But like, he also has Castro in his outer circle bestie group so like, this is awk.

If there's one thing we know it's that this bro loves his fucking hats.


But like, someone said he's kind of a bigot and that's just like, not chill.



And while we're pretty sure this didn't actually happen, we appreciate it's photographic existence.


Don't worry Hugo, it only counts if you see nipple.


All in all though, we're not really sure how we're supposed to feel about this guy's death so if someone could just tell us if he's good or bad that would be awesome.


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