The White House is Officially on Snapchat

Last night the White House posted its first ever Snap story because Obama has less than a year left in office so fuck it. The inaugural story documented the day leading up to his final State of the Union address, and was very presidential, obviously.

Here are some things that were included:

– Their dogs, Sunny and Bo
– A long shot of Biden awkwardly walking towards the camera and shouting political buzzwords until he gets cut off: “Crisis, recovery, finish line!”
– Coffee cups to let us know that they’re tired AF but still running the country
– Something about late night snacks with a cheese emoji
– Michelle Obama looking poised and announcing how “thrilled” she is to be on Snapchat
– POTUS en route to deliver his last SOTU (The White House loves abrevs more than a middle school lunch table which is definitely a huge plus for their ability to fit in on Snapchat)

Here are some things that weren’t included:

– Drunk people (that we know of)
– Collar bones
– Geotags
– Selfies
– Olivia Pope (that we know of)

As you can see, POTUS and friends are still figuring this out, but we’re confident that John Kerry will be asking for a Reply Chug by Saturday night. You can follow DC’s finest on username: WhiteHouse.


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