A Recap Of The White House Correspondents’ Dinner And The B-List Celebs Who Went

This weekend marked President Obama’s eighth and final White House Correspondent’s Dinner. If you don’t know, the WHCD is a yearly event for the White House to thank all the journalists who cover political stuff all year. So basically, they do their job like everyone else, but Barack puts on a tux to thank them for it.

The main highlight of the WHCD is always that Barack turns into a standup comedian for half an hour. He’s always been pretty hilarious, an this year was no different. He threw some amazing shade at the Republican candidates, and even talked about Kendall Jenner. Barack also made it clear that he’s excited to not have to do this again, which is a sad reminder that Donald Trump could be our President in nine months.

In addition to lots of boring journalists, there are always some big celebrities who inexplicably get invites to the WHCD. There are usually some amazing moments, and this year was no different. Kerry Washington took a picture with Joe Biden, which makes us 10% more sure that Scandal is real.


Me and Joe. #whcd

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JC from N Sync rose from the dead to go to the dinner, which is truly mystifying. He hasn’t been famous for a decade, and before that he was the least famous one.


Digital get down irl #7thgradedreamcometrue #whcd #whcd2016 #skimmlife

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Other celebs who slept their way in included DJ Khaled (major key), Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto, the girls from Broad City, and NeNe Leakes. NeNe (for the first time ever) made it through a group dinner without starting a fight, so the night was pretty uneventful.


#WHCD @officialomarosa

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At this point, we’re just dreading having to pretend Hillary/Bernie/Donald/Ted’s jokes are funny next year, because you know that shit will be terrible.


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