A Note On Wearing White After Labor Day

Every year when Labor Day comes around all I think about is having a three day weekend and wondering once again if I actually have to stop wearing white. As soon as the weekend of drinking and BBQing commences (even though literally no one knows why we celebrate “labor” day, like we honor work by not going to work? Makes sense) I ask myself if I stopped wearing white last year or not? Since my weekly outfits are now documented through instagram I found I did wear white after September 1st and wondered did I make a major fashion faux pas or is this rule as dead as Juicy Couture?

Through a little fashion research (through the first page of Google), I discovered that in the early 1900s white used to be thought of as an impractical color for clothing (since people used to work in like the dirt and live on farms and shit). But once people started forming cities and businesses they started wearing suits to work. White became the color of the apparel that the wealthy wore in the summers at the Hamptons. White and light colored linens were the go-to look for lawn parties and yachting. When the summer was over it was time to put away the clothing you wore for the relaxed days of drinking and tanning as the elite returned to the city and started work again. This fashion trend soon blossomed into a rule not only for NYC but all over the country.

So does this rule still apply? Can those of us who are funemployed and living off our trust funds wear white all year since we aren’t working? Or are we as over the not-wearing-white-after-summer rule as Kim K is for wearing white for purity on your wedding day even though she's famous for a sex tape? I mean let’s be real it’s 2014, no one should be allowed to wear white wedding dresses except the few Mormons who actually hold onto their V-cards until after they say I do.

Anyway, after much consideration I have concluded white is acceptable to wear after Labor Day. Obviously you shouldn’t be wearing an eyelet dress in November but a cream cashmere sweater with white jeans and cute boots is fall perfection.




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