Which Betch Are You? Take a Ridiculous Quiz to Find Out

Are you a Stoner Betch? A Hippie Betch? or a Hardcore Betch? Lucky for you, Kings of Cole and Betches Love this have joined forces to not only help you figure that out but also let you wear it out. We are pleased to announce the latest and chicest arrival of exclusive sweatpants and tanks from two great fashion forces us, obvs, and Kings of Cole.

We designed these tanks and sweatpants with three types of betches in mind: hippie betch, stoner betch and hardcore betch. Take the quiz to find out which betch you are then cop the tank and sweatpants, so, then it’s like totally official.


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Kings of Cole is a unique line of hoodies and loungewear that is super soft, fits incredibly well, and is worn religiously by the Kardashians. (And others like Gwyneth, Ashley Tisdale, ETC). The Kardashians wear it so much Kris Jenner asked Kings of Cole to change their name to Kings of Kole, bible.



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