Where Are Justin Bieber’s Shoes?

Guys, I think Justin Bieber might be in trouble. And not his usual DUI Face Tattoo trouble, I mean like, he might be having some kind of mental health episode. Sure, I’d heard the rumors of the Purpose World Tour being an emotional roller coaster of cancelled meet and greats, bursting into tears mid-performance, and a recent ban on fans asking for photos, but that all seemed like typical Biebs to me. It wasn’t until today that I realized no—something is up with Justin.

So what set the alarm bells in my mind? How do I put this? Hmm…I guess I might as well just come right out and say it: Justin Bieber is running around Boston barefoot and talking to squirrels.

Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t have to, because there are pics:

So you may be thinking, sure, that’s weird, and he def needs to be wearing shoes in a public park, but he’s not talking to squirrels.

But yes he is, dear readers, yes he is….

And Justin didn’t just confine his barefoot romp to the park, he took it to the streets, because he probably thinks popstars are immune to stepping in glass:


So what is going on with Justin? Why isn’t he wearing shoes? Is it possible, that at the height of fame, animals are the only thing left to befriend?

No idea, but what is clear is that we must all now rally together to protect our dancing singing boy, before he steps on a bee or gets bitten by a raccoon and then he will dance and sing no more.


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