What’s Up With Ryan Adams’ 1989?

If you’re like me, you were baffled when Taylor Swift started posting about Ryan Adams’ 1989. Like isn’t that your album, Taylor? Who is Ryan Adams? How awkward he named something 1989…

Well here’s the deal. Ryan Adams (formerly Mr. Mandy Moore) decided to cover the entire album last Christmas when he was feeling lonely and lost post break-up. He put his own spin on each song, so now ‘Shake It Off’ is brooding and slow and ‘Out of the Woods’ is super long. The songs sound pretty ’80s, which is kind of cool considering that’s the decade (and half a month of Taylor’s life) that supposedly inspired the album.

Taylor herself has been promoting the album a bunch on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She even surprise called into one of Ryan’s radio interviews. She says her favorites are ‘Blank Space’ and ‘All You Had To Do Was Stay.’

Either way, this musical development only goes to solidify Taylor's obscene and inhuman power. Who else has ever had one of their albums covered in its entirety less than a year after its release? Madonna? MJ? Jesus? Nope, just Taylor.




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