5 Things To Do With Unwanted Holiday Gifts

Over the holidays, you probably received something (or a slew of things) that you fucking hate. Maybe it’s a knock-off perfume, or a framed picture of your new baby cousin. Either way, you have these suck-awful gifts. What are you going to do with them? Chill, betches, because we have all the answers:

Rule number one – never let them see you sweat. No matter how much you hate your gift, be gracious and thank the gift-giver anyway.

1. Host a swapping party.

One betch’s trash is another betch’s treasure! What better excuse than to gather with friends and booze it up around the presents that you all hated. You could end up with something you need or, even better, something that you wanted.

2. Give the gift to someone you hate.

You’re a winner in so many ways in this situation. You look amazing, generous, and thoughtful for giving that someone a present AND your garbage is now their problem. Or you could totally take the nice route and give it to someone you love, if you know that they’ll use and/or enjoy it.

3. Exchange that shit.

This is probably the easiest way to get rid of the presents you dislike. If the gift didn’t come with a gift receipt, the most you’ll get is store credit, which works if you like the store. If you happen to hate the store, just cry.

4. Donate!

Give to the poor and unfortunate souls who didn’t have a holiday season this year. You’ll feel better about the money you’ll spend on yourself later once you’ve given to those in need.

5. Sell.

If you know how to use Ebay or can chalk your gift up to an antique on Etsy, try to sell your unwanted stuff on the internet. There’s bound to be some crazy person somewhere willing to pay top dollar for your unwanted gift.

Happy gift swapping/exchanging/donating/selling!


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