This Is What The Victoria’s Secret Models Eat To Stay Skinny

In preparation of watching size 00 betches strut around in million dollar bras at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I think we could all use a lil inspiration. What is it that the likes of Kendall, Gigi, Adriana, and Bella fucking eat (or don’t eat) to stay so goddamn thin? Where do I get it? Help.

We investigated so you don’t have to. Here’s—according to the interwebs—what a lingerie model eats and does to stay fucking trim. 

1. Hydration

The more water you drink, the fuller you will be. It’s that goddamn simple. If you aren’t chugging water throughout the day, you’re likely to be hungrier than you should be for lunch, dinner, and food in general. Plus, water makes for amazing skin, hair, nails, digestion, and, just literally everything. 

2. Protein

Models love protein. Just flip through any of the VS models’ Instagrams and you’ll see pics of eggs, salmon, avocado, steak, chicken, etc. There aren’t a lot of pasta dishes, cookies, or pizza, are there? Topping a salad with steak or shrimp, swapping a bagel breakfast for scrambled eggs, and drinking protein shakes (really) will give you steadier energy and keep you fuller for longer, making it less likely that you’ll reach for the cookie drawer come 10:30am. 


3. No Diets

Every model says the same thing: “I never diet.” While we scoff and find this hard to believe, it actually makes sense. When you diet, you’re doing something temporary. If you want Karlie’s abs or Adriana’s thighs, you need to make lifestyle changes. That means eating healthy and working out ALL THE TIME and not just for three months to prepare for beach season. Slowly swap pasta dishes for veggies, cut out soda completely, go for a fucking morning jog. Once you make changes to the way you actually get healthy, you’ll fucking stay healthy, and hopefully, get skinnier. 

4. Don’t Deny Yourself The Shit You Want

Sitting and craving nachos, pizza, chocolate, etc. isn’t going to help matters, and you’re more likely to snap and binge. Rather, do what the pretty models do and exercise moderation. You can have that piece of pizza, just be sure to eat healthy the rest of the day AND work out a bit harder tomorrow. Denying yourself will only build cravings and make you les mis. 

Balanced Diet

5. Good Fats Are Good

Avocado, plain Greek yogurt, olive oil, and salmon are on literally every list of models’ fave foods. Why? Because they’re all full of omega-3s and good fats, which help you stay full, fill you with vitamins, and won’t undo your diet. With something like plain yogurt or avocado, you can get your creamy/decadent fix without ruining your waistline. And olive oil? We already know the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, so you can’t deny that shit is awesome.

6. Ditch The Salt

Salt makes you fucking bloat, which isn’t cute when you’re shoving your boobs into a pushup bra. Miranda Kerr says she USED TO use salt on everything, but now, she uses lemon as a flavor booster. It provides a refreshing zing to whatever you’re eating and has some Vitamin C. Hooray.


7. Healthy Breakfast Is Key

Not one model we read about skipped breakfast. In fact, some of them were pissed when they didn’t have a full breakfast of eggs, toast, bacon, etc. Having a big breakfast keeps these bitches full through lunch so that, instead of going for a big bowl of stew or pasta or a grilled cheese, they nibble on quinoa bowls with chicken or tuna salad. Eating your biggest meal in the morning lets your body work through those calories all day, whereas if you have a big meal at night, you’re literally letting your body work through all those calories during the least active time of the day.


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